What To Do When Your Hard Drive Crashes

What To Do When Your Hard Drive Crashes 

When your hard drive crashes, you will find yourself wondering what to do when your hard drive crashes. We are going to talk about everything related to this topic so that you do not lose information.

Keep reading to learn about what you should do when your hard drive crashes.

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Detecting If it is the Hard Drive 

If you are experiencing any issues on your system, it might be something other than your hard drive. You need to ensure that your hard drive is not the problem by running other tests. To do this, you are just going to do basic troubleshooting tests. 

If the computer is having a hard time detecting the hard drive, you might just need to ensure that the hard drive is connected properly. Simply unplugging and replugging them in could do the trick. 

Learning When a Hard Drive Has Failed or Will Fail Soon 

There are several different reasons a hard drive will fail or crash. The most obvious is when it just stops working. When this happens, your computer may not even find the hard drive. This may prompt a message on the computer stating that there is no hard drive. Another problem you may face when this happens is that your computer never finishes the reboot process. 

You may also see some more subtle signs. The hard drive may appear to be working but you might start to notice some things about your computer. The computer may be freezing more. You may start to hear noises from your computer that you didn’t hear before. Your computer may inform you that there are bad sectors on your hard drive. 

Keep in mind that any type of noise from your hard drive does not indicate anything positive. This means that the part known as the head is failing or has failed. This is an important part of the hard drive. It is the part that reads the data and writes the data. 

Run a SMART Check 

If you have ruled out any other issues and you think it might be your hard drive, you will want to run a SMART check. 

  • S: Self
  • M: Monitoring 
  • A:  Analysis 
  • R: Reporting 
  • T: Technology 

Keep in mind that this is not a fix-all. It is not a perfect option but it will allow you to determine if your hard drive is the problem. You should not rely solely on this check to determine if your hard drive is failing or not.

While you are running a SMART check, also run a check on your computer for a virus.  A virus may cause problems for your computer as well. 

PRO TIP: If your hard drive crashes, contact CE IT Solutions quickly! They can help you with data recovery in this type of scenario and fix the situation ASAP.

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Hire the Professionals 

If you are worried about the information on your hard drive being lost after it has failed, do not worry. You can revive that information. You can even get your hard drive repaired if that is a possible option. 

The most important thing you should do is ensure that if you hear noise, shut off your computer. You cannot further damage if there are no moving parts. Let the professionals do an in-depth check on your computer and hard drive. 

What To Do When Your Hard Drive Crashes

When it comes to your computer, you want to ensure that the hard drive is working properly. If you notice issues with your hard drive, take it in and ensure it is working properly. If the drive crashes, bring it in for recovery processes. Here at CE IT Solutions, your problems are our challenges. We will help recover as much information as possible. We also offer many other services for your hard drive and computer. Contact CE IT Solutions for what to do when your hard drive crashes!


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